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Brighten Up Your Eyes with the Anti Ageing Eye Patches by beauty7

Anti-aging eye-patches delay rather nearly prevent any early occurrence of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other such under-eye skin sensitivity issues. The ingredients are so gentle, you can wear these under-eye patches daily as a part of your nighttime ritual or while you're doing your makeup for an evening out.

Brighten up your eyes with the best eye-patches from Beauty7

With a colossal display of a range of brightening eye patches put upfront, Beauty7 offers the best under eye masks for puffiness and dark circles for plumper, youthful and nourished eye skin. Acting as a comprehensive treatment of multiple eye-problems, the Beauty7 eye patches summarize a wholesome solution because of the following inclusions:


1)Premium quality solution

Anti-Ageing Eye Patches

Allowing an ideal rejuvenation and reshaping of all skin types, the hydrogel patch contains various luxurious ingredients that effectively reduce dark circles and puffiness. The nutrients penetrate through to the dermis and repair the eye skin delicately from the roots.

2)The all-in-one pack

The resilient membrane cloth works to enhance the eye area with utmost brightening. The good elasticity and resilience continuously stretches without any deformation. Forming a great shape around the eyes, the membrane adheres to the eyes in a manner that allows sufficient nutrient absorption.

3)Meets multiple needs

Hydrogel pads

The hydrogel pads diminish dark circles, dark spots around the mouth, and are also used for eyelash extensions application. Hygienic, light and easy to carry, these cover the skin with the following layers:

a)Oxygen essence layer
b)Hydrophilic gel layer 
c)Premium resilient membrane cloth

Neck wrinkles, nasolabial folds, Crow’s feet, dark circles, a perfect no slip design with no stickiness nurtures a rich essence with a continuous supply of nutrients to treat the aforementioned underlying conditions.

4)Easy to use

Packaged for ease of applicability in multiple scenarios, the brightening eye patch offers an effective usage in multiple scenarios. Reading, doing yoga, doing house work, applying eyelash extensions, etc, the anti aging patches are affixed to the skin in your preferential position. These comprise such ingredients that make a true match for your under-eye skin sensitivity. The ingredients include:

1)Bifida Ferment Lysate(Anti-aging and rapid smoothing of fine lines)
2)Centella Asiatica(Anti-oxidant and increasing collagen) 
3)Argireline(Firming and hydrating the eye area)
4)Squalane(Moisturizing, nourishing and skin plumping)
5)Sodium Hyaluronate(Intensive hydration, long lasting moisturizing and nourishing)

Buy the essence demanded to brighten the under-eye skin

Desire some extra love and care for the skin around your eyes? Under eye patches can be a soothing and fun skin care step that miraculously targets any possible signs of aging. Dispensing a temporary relief from puffiness and dehydration around the eye, they armour the skin delicately infusing a rejuvenated look. Buy the essence the eye area demands! Make them plumper and get prepared for a younger overall appearance at your one-stop shop!
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