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Award-Winning DIY Eyelash Extensions by Beauty7

In this era of the 21st century, there is a constant tussle between fulfilling a busy life and carrying a craze of DIY; and this is evident in the world of makeup!

People love to try things by themselves. Makeup is considered as an art, a part of creativity. In this world of DIY's; makeup has got an edge over eyelash extension kits.

Eyelash extensions beautify your natural look with a longer and thicker lash look. Whether you like a natural look or a fulfilling one, Beauty7 has a perfect solution for you with its range of DIY lash extensions. It proves to be one of the favorite items of many users who love to change their look and experiment with something new.

The professional eyelash extension supplies are all you need to create an amazing DIY appeal and you are all ready to go out and rock that look. Moreover a kit provides all the products at one place saving your time and efforts to find the required products from different places.

What does the Beauty7 DIY lash extension consist of?

The DIY eyelash extension by Beauty 7 offers all the luxuries at your home. The kit contains all the essentials to make a perfect lash for you. Let's walk you through a closer check of items present in the DIY kit:

The Premade Fans

Premade lash fans are high-quality light and soft lashes that are perfect for a DIY procedure. These premade fans are in a cluster of 10 pieces and can be applied in the same way as the classic or semi-permanent lash extension. Thin and easy-to adhere base makes it the best eyelash extension fan. They are super easy to peel off with no glue residue. The premade fans are made in 100% Korean PBT material and are eco-friendly.

The Lash Glue

Lash glue is the necessary item if you want your lash extensions to stick to one place. The DIY kit contains a perfect lash glue solution made with utmost care towards sensitivity and is skin-friendly. Ultra plus lash glue is a quick-dry invisible adhesive that will never show up once dried. It won't cause allergies or irritation in your eyes and has a 3-4 weeks retention period. Highly recommended for beginners.

The Cream Remover

Cream remover lets you remove your eyelash extension easily. It's a safe medical-grade remover with a mild odor. The cream is thick enough to stay on the lashes and can be removed easily and quickly without causing any harm to the original lashes.

Easy steps for a dazzling look

The DIY eyelash extension kit also has many other items that ease the procedure, like a tweezer, disposable swab, mascara brush, glue open needle, and glue ring, followed by a film plate and cotton paper. All these items together make your DIY lash extension easy. The below-mentioned steps will give you a better understanding too:

Step 1: Gently clean your natural lashes with a soft brush

Step 2: Shake the glue for at least 30 seconds before dipping on the film plate

Step 3: Gently peel off the fans with the help of tweezers

Step 4: Dip the lash root into the glue and be careful not to go too deep.

Step 5: Place the fan under natural lashes 1-2 mm from your eyelid

Step 6: Repeat to apply more for a charming look

These steps will help you carry out the procedure smoothly and will leave you with a charming look. Follow the steps and be ready to shine bright with those mesmerizing eyes.

Master the art of DIY lashes

We at Beauty7 believe in providing the best professional eyelash extension supplies for a creator in you. DIY looks are the most trending ones, hence creating a refreshing impact on the onlookers. The eyelash extension kits make your face attractive and save you from a never-ending mascara smudge. So, don't wait; order your kit and create a long-lasting impression.

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