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Top benefits of Multi Layer Strip Lashes
Thicker and more voluminous at the bottom, false eyelashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to bloom in full throttle. Made with premium synthetic fiber, these strip lashes are soft, lightweight, and reusable. They comprise a pre-made band of lashes that feature both long and short hair for a more curvy look at the sides. Being the perfect complement to the exclusive lash product series, these enhancements can be applied daily. Multilayer strip eyelashes nurture a natural or full glam that makes your beautiful eyes pop!

Top benefits of strip false eyelashes

Strip lashes have been a one-stop solution for granting curvy, natural-looking, well-shaped lashes that, though lush, taper down perfectly for a well-placed eye curve. Strip lashes grant you a gorgeous look, beautifying the lash shape without any makeup. Their benefits are as follows:

1)For bolder and beautiful eyes

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You can apply multilayer strip lashes on the days when you want your eyes to pop with a more voluminous and curvy look. They don’t let you become a victim of excessive makeup, mascaras, and foundation. Enhancing the length and color of your natural-looking fans ensures a flattering look based on your preference.

2)Reduce impact on your natural lashes

Adhering to your lashes better than any other product in the lash series, they are more acceptable, fluffy, and the lightest possible fans for maximum beauty. These are more comfortable to wear and much easier to use and apply. These false eyelashes feature mild glue, which can be washed and removed with warm water.

3)Can be reused

If cleaned regularly and stored more cautiously, multilayer false eyelashes can last longer. Knowing how to clean your fake eyelashes without ruining them extends their service life span. You can use these eyelashes multiple times with proper care and careful usage. Remove them with warm water at the end of the day, put some bonding solution on them, and they are ready to last a week more. 

4)More plumper, youthful and nourished eyes

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Multilayer strip lashes are transformative beauty products that are applied for instant beauty with bolder and brighter eye shapes. They make your eyelashes pop and give a dramatic effect to the overall eye makeup. Generally, multi-layer series is more for a dramatic look.  While the natural series is more for a natural look!

Place them right

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The most interesting part with strip lashes could be the application. Even though making your lids pop with dramatic plumper and nourished appearance, you need to make sure they sit well with the eye shape and stay in line with the curve. For strip lashes, place the lash at the middle of the lash line and secure the ends one after the other with tweezers. Some will use tweezers, some will simply use fingers to press down onto the natural lashes. The most important thing is that you have to wait for a while after applying glue on the strip lashes. Do not put them on immediately because the glue works best when it is semi-dry. Starting from the middle of the lash line, they taper at the curvy corners and near the bottom. There shouldn’t even be a strip of skin visible between the naked eye and the lashes. Put them close to the natural lash and enjoy the plump!

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