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Get to know the Best use of Lash Lift Kit by Beauty7

Have you tried and applied coats of mascara into a clumpy mess in the quest for long, plumper, and more youthful-looking lashes? Don’t you demand the most natural way to attain longer, curlier, and better-shaped lashes! Effective lash perming is the right idea to support your lash without the upkeep and damage of extensions. Lash lift kits have taken the beauty industry by storm! A semi-permanent treatment that is a perm for your lashes with an effective utilization for providing a lift and curl for weeks. Taking care of the different lash lengths and growth directions, you can expect eye-popping results creating a natural opening lash swoop that brims with unparalleled quality and longevity.

The Best Use Of Lash Lift Kit By Beauty7

Eyelash extension kit

A lash lift kit is a relatively new service that has recently hit the market ruled by lash extensions over the last few years. A lifting treatment that perms your lashes with a Keratin-based product makes them appear fuller and thicker when applied to the individual lashes. The lift looks more natural and does not harm more than your eyelash extensions. Both lash extensions and lift make your lashes look fuller, but you can always prefer lash lift over lash extensions for several reasons, out of which few are stated below.

1)A perm for your lashes

The secret to youthful, nourished, and plumper-looking lashes is a formulated chemical solution essential for the plump. Different people have different lash lengths and growth directions. For some, lashes grow down, and for others, they grow straight out. The entire process is an eye-opening lash swoop that leaves the eyes pop with a natural curl ensuring safety, longevity, and the perfect lash enhancement. 

2)Give results worth an apply 

What about your eye-popping more having a wide-eyed look? Isn’t it mesmerizing? Your lash artist would tint your lashes after they are lifted, shaping them for a darker and thicker look. Lash lift kits let you customize your beauty routine by stripping some time off from the unnecessary application of the mascaras and lash curler. Certainly, an eye treatment choice for the future, lash lift kits might surpass the popularity of lash extensions.

3)Get a customized lash lift

The darkness, lushness, and thickness brought about by a customized lash lift remove the tightness, adding the tint. The tint introduced by the artist curls them up with a proper shape at their disposal. You and your artist need to make full use of the consultation process to decide whether a soft natural lash curl or a tighter lash curl would suit your eye structure and the setup more. 

4)A little preparation would work wonders

Curling your lash from the base to the tip, a lash lift certainly works wonders for thickness and lush you admire. You can see your lash curl to the full length with the process of altering the shape via a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. A common mistake with the lash lifts is bound to occur using the incorrect rod and leaving the product on for too long. It becomes essential to understand the entire process to make it work better.

1.Clean the eye area and apply the eye gel pads to cover the lower lashes.

2.Apply the lash lifting glue to the back of the silicon patches and hold for 30 seconds, then stick them along the edge of upper eyelids and gently press for 5-10 seconds until they firmly adhere.

3.Apply the lash lifting glue to the silicone patches and hold for 30 seconds until the glue is semi-dry. Use the flat end of the lifting wand stick to stick the upper lashes onto the silicone patches from root to tip, and then use the pointed end to separate the lashes on the patches.

4.Use a micro brush to apply #1 onto the lashes, leaving a distance of 2mm from the lash roots, and wait for 4-7 minutes. (Cover with plastic wrap to shorten the waiting time)

5.Use the flat end of the lifting wand stick to remove #1. Use a micro brush to apply #2 onto the lashes, leaving a distance of 2mm from the lash roots, and wait for 4-7 minutes. (Cover with plastic wrap to shorten the waiting time)

*If the lashes are messy when wiping off #1, please repeat step 4. Fill in the glue and comb the lashes again.

6.Use the flat end of the lifting wand stick to wipe off #2 and then remove the silicone patches and eye gel pads.

7.Wash the eye area with warm water and facial cleanser to remove residue. (A quick removal is possible with makeup remover and cotton pads)

8.Use mascara brush to apply #3 evenly onto the lashes.

The Essentials Offered

1)The lash tool

2)Perm solution

3)Neutralizing cream 

4)Nourishing lotion

5)Silicone shields, molds, or lash lift rods

6)Eyegel pads 

7)Mascara brushes

8)Lifting cream

9)Moisturizing serum 

Join the lash lift bandwagon for a brighter curl


From stubby and short to longer and fuller, lash lift kit service brings home the joy of wid-eyed lashes. Lash lift is a natural addition that gives the Bambi instead of the bummed look. The semi-permanent treatment is the best alternative for long lashes that last without the upkeep and damage of extensions. Join the bandwagon for letting your lash head straight out and curl to the fullest. Remember, every lash lift service starts with a consultation. Get on as this is the right time to start for the ultimate assessment of your natural lashes and eye shape.

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