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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions
How to remove grafted eyelashes?

Usually eyelash extensions only have a lifespan of 1 month

It will gradually drop from the 3rd week

So there is the embarrassment of half of the eyelashes falling off

Some people will simply and rudely tear off their eyelashes

But I must remind you

You can remove eyelash extensions at home, but it’s riskier than having them removed by a professional technician.
It’s best to use a professional-grade product designed to remove eyelash extensions. However, using steam plus castor oil, coconut oil, or vaseline can help weaken the adhesive, especially after repeated applications.
Do not attempt to remove your lashes by picking or directly using tweezers.

Lash extensions are secured with a very strong adhesive that resists soap and water, so they won't come off easily. Fortunately, you can safely remove your lash extensions at home with the guide we've put together below. We'll walk you Through the best approaches and what you can use to take your extensions off without damaging your natural lashes.

Method 1: steam + olive oil

STEP 1: Remove your eye makeup. Remove mascara and eyeliner with a gentle makeup remover to help you see your natural lashes clearly when grafting.

STEP 2: Steam the face with hot steam. The hot and humid steam will loosen the grafted eyelashes and facilitate their removal. You can heat a bowl of water in the microwave, hot enough to produce steam. With your face facing the bowl, wrap a towel around your head to trap the surrounding steam near your face. You can also use a face steamer or a hot towel to apply to the face to remove the eyelashes better.

STEP 3: Soak the cotton swab with olive oil, and then wipe the root of the eyelashes repeatedly, taking care not to get in the eyes. Continue to wipe the eyelashes until all false eyelashes fall off.

STEP 4: Wash the eyelashes. Pour warm water on the eyelashes to rinse off the olive oil. You can also use a facial cleanser to gently remove residual olive oil.

Method 2: Glue remover

STEP 1: Buy a professional-grade eyelash extension glue remover. Since the glue used to apply eyelash extensions is very strong, regular eyelash glue remover may not work on your lashes. Get glue remover that's labeled for use on eyelash extensions and that says it's “professional grade.” [1]
You can find eyelash extension glue remover at a drugstore, in a beauty supply store, or online.
If you had your extensions professionally done, ask the technician which solvent they used. Then, see if you can purchase it from them.

STEP 2: Remove eye makeup with mild makeup remover to see the roots of natural eyelashes and false eyelashes.

STEP 3: Take an appropriate amount of glue remover on the cotton swab, and then use the cotton swab to pass along the eyeliner, from the outer contour to the inner contour, gently make small circles, and the remover will start to melt the glue. Remove eyelashes that are about to fall out. Wipe the eyeliner back and forth about fifteen times, pinch the root of the false eyelashes with your index finger and thumb, and gently force the eyelashes to fall off.

STEP 4: Remove the residual glue on the eyelids. When grafting eyelashes, the eyelids will also be stained with glue, so after the eyelashes are removed, you should wipe the eyelids with a remover to remove the residual glue.

STEP 5: Clean eyelashes. Pat your face with warm water to wash away any remaining remover.

What is the best eyelash extension remover?
Cream Remover 5g

Works Fast - Dissolve lash adhesive in 1-2 minutes, ensuring fast and efficient lash extension removal
Cream Texture - The creamy texture is easy to control and prevents the remover from slipping into the eyes.
No irritation - Low odor and non-irritating ingredients. Gentle removal without stimulation. No damage to skin and natural eyelashes.
Easy to Use - Use cotton swabs to apply the remover cream evenly to the grafting eyelash root.
Certified and Safe - Safe medical grade with certifications of SGS, CE, FDA and CPNP. Applicable to all eyelash extensions.

Gel Remover 15ml

This gel formula can quickly removes eyelash extension glues without harming natural eyelashes. Easy and fast to remove individual eyelash. A few drops on a cotton swab to remove the extensions easily and conveniently. Suitable for all eyelash extensions.
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