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Learn which is the best way to remove eyelash extensions

The naturally brimming beautiful lash extensions when attached to your eyes, give them a more immersive look.  Partitioned from each other most inspiring, the wavy lashes extend to make your eyes acquire a heavenly shape. A haven for safe and sensual-looking eye shapes, the best lash extensions are stuck artificially and can be reshaped or removed once required. Resolving the instant quench for more fuller lashes, they need a regular touch-up, repair, and replacement to make you feel convinced that your hard-earned money isn’t worth wasting.

Safe and quick removal of eyelash extensions

Professional lash experts deal with the safest and the most efficient way to remove eyelash extensions. A surgical-grade eyelash extension glue has been used to adhere the lashes to the natural ones. Lash experts bring in their expertise and prevent any spread of bacteria or viruses in the abnormally sensitive eye area. The same thing is true when removing the in-place lash extensions. The inevitable circumstances need professional attention to play a vital role, whether the application or the removal process. With that being said, the expert-approved ways unleash the best practices that ensure safe and clean removal of lashes for keeping them healthy.

Expert-backed ways for safe and effective removal of lashes

1) Avoid plucking the lash extensions

Experts suggest that there should not be any haste in getting the lash extensions removed. A restless lash removal technique could backfire, and so it’s imperative to know what not to do before trying anything silly. Plucking, picking, or cutting the lashes is strictly prohibited as it might peel off the natural lashes as well. Instead, the artificial lashes should be removed so that the natural ones below them recover and grow without a stunt.

2) Try out ways to loosen the extensions

The best solution is not plucking, rubbing, or pulling. Instead, trying ways to make it loosen its grip. Try evading or dismissing any danger that could eventually damage the natural lash lying therein. The need to expedite the lash extension removal has to be done via frequent hot shower baths that let the lash loosen any stragglers that are still hanging to the natural ones.

3) Using an oil-based cleanser

An oil-based cleanser double cleanses to help loosen any leftover lashes. The dissolution of the lash glue is done by cleansing your face by gently moving the oil in a circular motion. Incorporating the oil-base cleansers seems like your new best friend as they ensure the easy breakdown of the bond of the lash glue. Use the oil-based cleanser continuously if you want your lash extension to loosen and shed gradually.

4) Professional-grade lash glue dissolver

The delicate skin around the eye portion has to be taken care of while dealing with the various processes for lash removal. Any careless move as per the whims and fantasies without little to no guidance can cause problems. Taking hot showers and drenching the extensions in oil can undoubtedly loosen their grip, and they eventually fall.  A professional-grade lash glue dissolver is first applied to the eyelash extension roots with micro swabs. You then have to wait for one to two minutes and then wipe off the extensions with the cotton pad or swabs. Be sure to steer clear of any irritants for further problems.

Apply what’s best

Transforming the original into something bigger, bolder, and better is always a fresh challenge. Growing thicker and more beautiful lashes is everyone’s dream. Those who aspire to possess lashes much beyond their natural growth might make sacrifices with their softness, suppleness, and natural beauty. Be it the application or removal, they are to be brought into your daily skincare routine, and so a protective lash removal method is always preferred. 

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