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The Best Eyelash Extensions for Every Eye Shape

Beauty7 pro eyelash extensions bring you a wide range of curls for a more proportionate eye shape

Have you imagined a perfectly wide-eyed look without those luscious lash extensions curled up so beautifully? How could you ever believe styling your lashes ever before the lash extensions came into existence? The full lash extension era has been democratized by the discovery of gorgeous and natural-looking fans. Giving us naturally blessed soaring lashes, these branches of beauty have been tailored to suit every eye blend. Those who have gone through poor lash extension experience might believe that it's never a one-size-fits-all business. 

Lash extensions are never a one-size-fits-all business 

Natural-looking eyelash extensions are never a one-size-fits-all business. An experienced lash technician always emphasizes the uniqueness of every lash shape and type. Bound to be driven by tailored solutions, lash curls differ in styling, curl types, and lash lengths. Here, Beauty7, the creator of beautiful lash extensions, brings in specialized solutions with the perfect Beauty7 DIY lash kits. Beauty7 pro eyelash extensions bring you a wide range of curls for a more proportionate eye shape. Let us check out the beautiful range.

The Best Eyelash Extensions for Every Eye Shape

1)Eyefanning lashes

Delivering rich texture and dramatic fullness, a voluminous fan is several lashes bunched together at the base. These lash extensions address versatility, with their application process being the same as the individual one-on-one lash extensions. They will pop open, creating a fan and will brighten up the eye shape.

2) Premade fans

Premade fans have a broader base. Laying on top of the natural lashes, these fans will eventually pop off. You can successfully use premade volume fans to save time and develop your technique as a volume lash. They keep your eyes protected against any damage as they ensure there is less usage of adhesives being the heat-bonded fans.

3)Diamond silk lashes

Keeping the sensitivity and the safety of the particular eye shape intact, diamond silk lashes are made of premium synthetic fiber. They come with an unmatched gloss and are available in different lengths and thicknesses. All the types under diamond silk lash extensions are made to obtain a natural look. Four thicknesses available, these can be used for classic style as well as volume lashes.

4)Flat lashes

Imagine your lash extensions with a flat rhomboid base. Almond, rounded, hooded, whatever the eye shape, these cashmere flat elliptical lashes bring in unique and highly beneficial qualities. Feel no weight with these lashes falling into the featherweight. Flat lashes are half the weight of the normal faux mink lashes.  The split tip of these lashes help create a natural and voluminous look.

5)Under lashes

Beauty7 lash extensions solutions are selected for creating a fuller natural appearance and justify their presence yet again with the introduction of the stunning under lashes. The under lashes offer an extra length and definition beneath your lashes, creating a voluminous and youthful-looking effect. These make any eye shape look more dramatic and more enormous.

Pick your phone and order now

Choosing the best-fit lash extensions for your eye shape and type is an art. You have to master the skill of making your eye a perfect combination of artificial and natural beauty. Pumped, stunning, voluminous curls brought to you by Beauty7 lash extensions supplies have solutions for every eye shape. Ranging from the doll-eyed look for almond-shaped eyes to the less curly lashes for your round eyes, this one-stop shopbrings home fabulous lash designs. Pick your phone and order now!
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