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Lengths, Curls and Thickness

Eyelash extensions are always placed in a tray labeled with specifications. You will notice the Letter or number describing specific type of lash extensions.


There are 16 lines of lash extensions in a set of Beauty7 tray lashes.

The lengths of lashes are clearly labeled at both sides of each line, ranging from 8mm to 14mm in a mixed set of tray lashes.



The eyelash extensions come in curls of J/B/C/D.

Subtle curls (J, B curls) are suitable for people whose natural lashes are pointing straight or  upward.

J curl eyelashes are the most natural looking curl.

B curl lashes are a bit more curly than J curls.

Dramatic curls (C, D curls) are good choices for people with downward-angle natural lashes.

C curl is one of the most popular curls. It will give a lash lift and create an open eye effect.

For those with heavily downward-angled lashes, D curl will be a better choice since it’s curlier than C curl.



There are different diameters of lashes for Beauty7 series of lash extensions such as 0.12, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, etc.

A lash technician will check the thickness of your natural lashes to decide how much weight of lash extensions the natural lash can handle. Then the technician will choose wisely the thickness or diameter of the lash extensions that are suitable for application.



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