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How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions: Expert Tips

Eyelash extensions, as we all know, are the extensions to the natural lashes that make eyes look curvacious, voluminous, plumper, and more youthful-looking. They certainly add a natural lash line and uplift the face giving it a dynamic look altogether. These natural-looking fans get your lash the right finish that suits not just the eye shape but also rejuvenates the overall facial appearance. There is no denying the fact that societal beauty standards are applauded long. The reason behind the application of thick eyelashes artificially is to raise the bar of theatrical make-up and fashion standards you follow. Taking care of your fans becomes of the utmost importance for ensuring longevity, supreme quality, and giving no side effects.

Expert-backed ways to ensure safe and sound lash extensions

Adding a hint of drama to the overall lash finish, these extensions make them look bigger, bolder, and brighter. Putting on your eye make-up takes a good amount of time and some sincere efforts need to be made to take care of and maintain the delicacy of the extensions. You might be brand new to your lashes or perhaps you are a regular lash connoisseur, you have to move forward cautiously regardless of the level of familiarity you share with the lash and its application process. Here are a few expert-backed ways to support and promote the growth of healthy natural looking fans.

1) Avoid contact with water for the first couple of hours

Avoid any possible lash contact with water for the first 48-hours or so! Any presence of numbness, dampness, or moisture is a no-go if the natural-looking fans have been installed fresh. Use an oil-free technique while you cleanse your face or apply removers. Let the glue settle in and fixing the lash well against the natural fans. The first 48-hours are crucial, keep the eye make-up or any contact to a minimum.

2) Say no to mechanical lash curlers

A lash curler is a holy grail tool in your kit bag but needs to be avoided to fight a permanent bend to the lash in the future. Yes, the mechanical lash curler might be the go-to device but need to be laid-off as it puts your lashes at a higher risk of getting stuck, pulled, or broken. Though, they aren’t damaging when used correctly but need to be replaced with an alternative for healthy and nourished lash growth. Ensure you don’t damage your natural curls in the process.

3) Heal them up with good brushing

A fluttery, scaly, and curvy lash network can only be maintained once you touch up and heal them with a good amount of brushing. Brush only when needed and remove all bacteria that could cause irritation and any possible infection. Brushing is the core of the overall lash maintenance routine, and so you need to follow it as mentioned by your expert.

4) Don’t pick, pluck or rub them

Resist against playing with your lashes. The more you touch them, the more they are at risk of being pulled or plucked out. Be it the natural lashes or the lash extensions, they both are highly delicate and want some extra care. Do not fiddle with the extensions, or you would end up padlocking any possibility of a probable lash enhancement.

Keep it safe-Ask the experts when needed!


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