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Eyelash Extensions VS Strip False Lashes

Eyelash extensions are semipermanent lashes that are individually glued to your natural lashes by a professional to add lash volume. Unlike strip lashes, they're super customizable and actually look real. 


Advantages Over Strip False Lashes


You have control over the material, fullness, length, curl, and style of the eyelash extensions. You decide everything in detail to get your dream eyelashes. Open-eye effect, doll-eye effect or cat-eye style, you name it. You will have the fabulous look just as you wish. Your stylist will, of course, offer suggestions and options that are most suitable for you.




Having eyelash extensions cuts down your makeup application time. You can say goodbye to mascara. The fabulous look is always there. It’s a great option when you have a busy schedule. Imagine when you are about to take a trip or go to a wedding, eyelash extensions can be done days before the special occasions. Then you just wake up with the look without any trouble dealwith eyeliners or mascara.




As semi-permanent lashes, eyelash extensions last about 4-6 weeks. They stay on until they fall off as your natural lashes shed. You are able to maintain the fabulous look indefinitely by scheduling regular refills.



They Can Get Wet

Of course you can get your lash extensions wet, but not right away! The glue is fast drying but the bond of the glue can be weakened with moisture if it doesn’t have time to set.

Such time may differ depends on the extensions and glue your use. Learn the after-care tips from your lash technician. Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24 hours before getting any moisture near your lashes after getting a set of extensions. After that, feel free to take a shower or have regular face washing.

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