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Tips for Usage and Storage of Lash Glue

Tips for Usage of Lash Glue

  • Shake the bottle
Make it a habit to shake the lash glue bottle before an application.Make sure you shake it enough for 30-60 seconds before usage, in order to mix the ingredients properly and ensure the adhesive is at its best working quality.
  • Have a patch test

The adhesive is designed for eyelash extension only. A patch test is necessary before all eyelash extension applications.

  • Clean the nozzle

Remember to clean the glue nozzle thoroughly immediately after use. Use a lint-free paper so that the nozzle will not get stuck.

  • Close the lid

Always close the lid tightly after use. Being exposed to oxygen and moisture will definitely shorten the lifespan of the lash glue.

  • Keep eyes closed

Keep eyes closed tightly throughout the entire application process. If the adhesive gets into the eyes, immediately flush the eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes.If redness, itching or a burning sensation occurs, see a medical professional as soon as possible.


Tips for Storage of Lash Glue

  • Place it in the dark and cool place

Sun, air and moisture will affect the lifespan of lash glue. So keep it in the dark and cool place. The refrigerator is not a good choice because of the moisture.

  •  Keep track of the expiration date

Once the lash glue is opened, use it within one month. If not opened, the glue can last approximately 3-6 months depending on its manufacturing date and storage conditions. So you had better not purchase too many bottles at a time. Make a mark on the glue package will be helpful for tracking the expiration date.

  • Do not change the original container

The lash glue bottle is made of specially designed material for the storage. It will keep the glue fresh for a long time. Never transfer glue into other containers made of ordinary plastic or glass.

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