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Infill and Removal

What do I do when the eyelash extensions fall out?

It’s normal that the eyelash extensions fall out as your natural lashes shed. Overall, the extensions will stay looking good for 2-3 weeks. After that you can have your lash stylist fill in the missing pieces. So, technically, you can make your extensions last indefinitely if you schedule regular infills.



How to remove eyelash extensions?

You can just wait until all the extensions fall out. It may take about six to eight weeks. But if you want to remove them in advance, have your lash stylist do that. NEVER rub your eyes or pull out the eyelashes directly. That will be painful and cause damage to your natural lashes. The safe way to remove extensions is to go back to the lash salon where your lash stylist will use professional removal to finish the process.

It’s not suggested that you remove them by yourself because you will easily pull out your natural lashes, since the extensions are attached strand by strand. A professional service is the right choice.


Gel Remover and Cream Remover

Beauty7 removers for eyelash extensions are both safe for the skin and the natural eyelashes. When applied properly by a trained lash technician, they do not cause irritations or allergic reactions.

Gel Remover is a good choice for removing a couple of lashes on small areas. Gel Remover has a thin texture. It can be used by lash technicians to finish the precise removal on certain small areas.

Cream Remover is the best choice for removing a large number of lashes. With a thick consistency, it is easy to use and does not run into the eyes or onto the skin, making it the safest way to dissolve the lash adhesive bonds.

It’s necessary to protect your lower eyelids with eye patches before the application of remover. When applying lash extension remover, whether gel or cream, do not let it touch the skin. Wait with patience because it takes approximately two to three minutes for the lash adhesive to dissolve completely. 

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