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Discover one-stop solution for the best eyelash glue

Lash extension solutions brought to you by Beauty7

Beauty7 is your one-stop destination for all eyelash extension solutions. With the belief that beauty brings luck, the very thought lets Beauty7 strive for expertise by supplying a series of lash kits, eyefanning lashes, flat lashes, premade volume lashes, mink lashes, diamond silk lashes, under lashes, and eyebrows. Here, you get to meet a superb lash collection followed by the perfect accessories that include eyelash glues, removers, tools for pre and aftercare, and so much more. Specializing in professional eyelash extension supplies, Beauty7 gives lash lovers a treat to savor with high-quality budget-friendly products. 

What is the most essential product in the entire lash kit?

The lash extension glues!! The lash extension glues brought to you by Beauty7 are an integral part of carrying out the sophisticated lash application process. Out of all the attachments made available, eyelash extension glues guarantee a firm, smooth, and long-lasting hold of the extensions onto the natural lashes. Beauty 7 glues are latex and formaldehyde free. Before you go shopping for lash extension glues, you need to know how important they are for a polished extension application.

The importance of eyelash extension adhesives

We already know that the lash extensions are an enhancement to the natural lashes. These eyelash extensions are applied via a lash application process involving the lash extension glue as its main component. The method of using lash extensions requires the adhesion of a single lash extension to a single natural lash. This process takes time and should be carried out under an expert level of precision that will align both the natural and fake lash long enough for the adhesive to dry. You could imagine how difficult it would be to hold these two tiny lashes together for extended amounts of time. This is where the drying time of the lash adhesive comes into play. Therefore, knowing what's in your glue helps you win the lash game.

What's in your glue?

Cyanoacrylate gives the lash glue its unique curing property. It is the one main active ingredient that ensures the glue added to the lashes dries up immediately. All professional eyelash extension glues are made of cyanoacrylate, making it an all-fast curing glue for sensitive and allergic eyes. Moreover, there are many different types of cyanoacrylate with various characteristics. This brings us now to the benefits that the lash glue application brings about to the enhancements on the natural lashes.

Benefits associated with the lash glues

1)Rapid drying 

2)A strong bond between the extensions and lashes

3)A long-lasting adhesion

4)Easy to apply and remove

5)Do not disturb the natural beauty of the extensions 

Beauty7 lash glue series has offered some great solutions for highly sensitive eyes. Here is a piece of information picked for your reference:

1) Volume plus glue(Drying time-0.5-1 sec) is the fastest drying glue of the Beauty7 lash glue series. It's perfect for lash glue artists.

2) Ultra plus glue(Drying time-3-4 sec) is recommended for beginners. It’s specifically formulated with very low stimulation being really good for clients with sensitive eyes. It can also be applicable at home for the best effect with the eyelash extensions. 

Time now for the lash lovers to switch to the best eyelash glues

It's time now that lash lovers worldwide contact Beauty7 and switch to safe and effective means of applying the perfect and natural-looking fans. Beauty7 is your one-stop destination for high-quality lash glues and other lash supplies as we are dedicated to striving for excellence in the lash extension industry. Our customers have been the top priority for us, and making your eyes more impressive with Beauty7 lashes is our end goal.


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