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Get to know the Goodness of Natural Looking Striped Lashes by Beauty7

Beauty7 specializes in professional eyelash extension supplies. Since its establishment in 2012, Beauty7 has been supplying lash lovers with high-quality yet budget-friendly products. Being the veterans in dealing with natural-looking fans for a more professional theatrical make-up and cosmetics, your one-stop-shop has been the perfect choice for driving excellence in the lash industry. Adding a marvel of complementary products to the already gorgeous lash product series, Beauty7 introduces strip lashes. Made of 100% Premium PBT material, lashes are soft and light. Compared to the lash extensions, these false eyelashes are much easier to use and apply. They are safe and perfect for creating a voluminous, fuller, and much curvy-looking appearance. Supplying the best DIY complimentary products under the lash series, the online store cares for lash lovers and is dedicated to catering to the needs of these admirers looking for professional solutions.

Absorb the Goodness of Natural Looking Striped Lashes by Beauty7

Introducing to you the beauty of the very natural-looking striped lashes, this very gorgeous false eyelash fragment by Beauty7 aspire a seamless final look most sophisticatedly. A top collection in false strip eyelashes features a natural series of synthetic fibers with soft, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear lashes suited to every choice. Get ready to fall in love when you browse the exquisite range of products including false strip eyelashes that are beginner-friendly, and very important as a part of the whole lash product series.

1)Fashion Queen 3D Multi-Layer

Made of high-quality synthetic fiber, these are soft, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and are reusable up to 15 Wears. These make your natural lash look bigger, bolder, and brighter. Buckle up to meet the most attractive Beauty7 3D Multi-Layer Strip Lashes Style 2 - Fashion Queen Series: 3D Multi-Layer and fall in love with your natural-looking fans.

2)Natural Series Style 4

Beauty7 Natural Series Strip Lashes Style 4 are soft and lightweight made with the highest quality synthetic fiber. These are handmade cotton band available in different styles. These are reusable up to 15 Wears. Packed in storage boxes with lash glue. The product tops the priority list when we talk about a comprehensive addition to the professionally yielding lash product series.

3)Mega Volume Style 5

Mega Volume Lash uses a new volumizing full lash style to give you the wham-and-bam glam! One of the best under the false eyelashes branch, these are made with 100% human hair handstitched to get the most natural look. The strip lashes are soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. These feature mild eyelash glue that can be washed and removed with warm water. The entire packaging is in storage boxes combined with lash glue.

4)Natural Series Style 2

These strip lashes work well as long as you find a style that suits your eye shape. There are more than 15 styles of strip lashes available that match the eye curve perfectly and gel most naturally with the original lash. Rounder eyes look fabulous with such a strip lash shape that enhances the deep-set eyes pocketing them most gorgeously in the socket.

Add a striped lash and get your luck going!

Eliminating the need to apply mascara and eye make-up, the naturally fabricated striped lashes are a must-have for every lash lover. If you routinely wear false eyelashes, you'll save even more time. Plus, you can say goodbye to fumbling with glue and having your false eyelashes come off prematurely. Contact Beauty7 and order your favorite strip lash type now!

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