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5 Best Eyelash Extension Ideas for Lash Lovers by Beauty7
Eyes are the focal point of the beauty of the female's face. This is because of the perpetual charm of the very natural eyelashes that add definition to your eyes. Those full, long lashes frame the eyes and make you look more attractive. You always try and compliment your lashes with a lot of foundation and makeup. But there are days when you desire to look beautiful without a hint of makeup. What to do then? Lash extensions can be your choice! Being a cosmetic makeup application, these extensions enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes for a winning look.

Stylish lash extensions brought you by Beauty7

Beauty7 brings you the finest collection of stylish lash extensions. The arresting finish of the lashes draws maximum attention to the eyes by simply adding length and color to your eyes. The dramatic-looking eyelash extension styles are suitable for every eye shape and all lash types. Fulfilling the desire for full, long eyelashes, the extension to the eyes is voluminous and very soft to feel. 

Beauty7 eyelash extension series include lash kits, easy fanning lashes, flat lashes, premade volume lashes, mink lashes, diamond silk lashes, under lashes, and eyebrow. Go one by one and see what works best for you!

1) Easyfanning Lashes 0.07

They are the auto fanning lashes. They are considered perfect for creating natural-looking fans. Simply being the lightest in volume, they offer three different lengths mixed in one row. These easy fanning volume lashes are ultra-soft and cause no harm to the human skins or eyes.

2) Mink Lashes 0.20

Mink lashes are on the rise in popularity.  They are not real mink fur. The mink lashes mentioned at Beauty7 are all made of faux mink(PBT material). They are cruelty-free. In fact, most eyelash brands have stepped away from real mink fur and use faux mink instead. Glues in strands to the human lashes directly give a much fuller look to the overall finish and frame the look of the eyes very well. Classic style, soft and light, they are heated twice to ensure the curl can be maintained. They come with the most negligible chances of causing any allergic reactions to the skin.

3) Flat Lashes 0.20

Flat lashes feature a beautiful flat rhomboid base. Also known as cashmere flat or ellipse lashes, the elliptical shape of these gorgeous-looking lashes makes them very different from conventional lashes. Very light, soft, and comfortable, they cause minimal damage to the natural lashes.

4)Diamond Silk Lashes 0.20

They are specially designed for a glossy and elastic look. Beauty7 diamond silk lashes are best amongst the silk eyelashes. Utterly light, soft, and natural-looking, they are designed with an advanced technique using the best quality silk material. Glimmering with a priceless shine, diamond silk lashes are softer and shinier than conventional silk lashes. They last much longer than ordinary synthetic lashes.

5)10D Volume Lashes 0.07

The pre-made fans are easy to use and beginner friendly. They can be used by lash technicians in beauty salons. They can also be used for DIY eyelashes(at home DIY lash lovers). This is the lashes used in our best selling DIY lash kit.

High quality yet budget-friendly eyelash extensions for you

Beauty7 specializes in professional eyelash extension supplies. We have been supplying lash lovers with high-quality yet budget-friendly products. Believing that beauty brings luck, we at Beauty7 care for lash lovers, and that gives us the push to be dedicated to striving for excellence in the lash extension industry. 

The five best eyelash extension ideas for lash lovers are an effort by us to bring you a step closer to your favourite cosmetic makeup products so that you can intensify the length, curl, volume, and lush of natural eyelashes. We believe that by the time you have finished reading the article, you shall be ready with your list containing the best ones to shop for.

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